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“Clutter, the word has become a dirty word. Hoarding is a sign of some kind of mental instability. I grew up in a time where my grandparents wouldn’t throw out anything newspapers, magazines or old furniture. They would say we are not rich and that the articles in the newspapers were important. The magazines would become collectible valuables in the future. I hated clutter so much that I didn’t allow newspapers in my house. Everything is pretty neat except for Oh My God the closets.  When Pat said that she was going to start her decluttering business, I was ecstatic and so ready to hire her. The appointment was made and she showed up with plenty of suggestions. By the time we started, she put the plan that she came up with into action. We went to the Container Store and bought what was needed, came back to the house and the closet transformation began. We downsized the amount of shoes that was in it, donated some, threw some out, and doubled up flat shoes in multiple containers. It all worked out. The winter shoes were stored on higher shelves and summer shoes were on lower shelves within reach. Pat accomplished what I needed in my space. Thank you, Girl.”
- Robin D.

"I've had the chance to use DeClutter Now & Forever during the summer and I can honestly say she was reliable, consistent and delivered what was promised.  This was my first time utilizing such a service and Patricia fulfilled all my expectations.  In summary, her prices are fair and her work is impeccable."

- Jillian G.

"STUFF can be defined as Saving Things Unnecessarily For the Future. By removing STUFF you can alleviate the stress." - Patricia Campbell

"In the summer, Ms. Patricia Campbell owner of DeClutter Now & Forever provided her services of decluttering and reorganized my family room, living room and kitchen.  She performed this task in a timely and highly efficient manner. Ms. Campbell is an organized, efficient and extremely competent individual. She has excellent verbal and written communication skills. She has great rapport with people of all ages. I am pleased to write this testimonial for Ms. Campbell."
- Willena P.

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"Ms. Campbell is very efficient especially when helping homeowners to declutter their household.  As a result of work she has donated excess items to the Muriel Gordon Foundation which is shipped to many third world countries. Ms. Campbell is a great asset to various organizations and communities and I am very happy and confident to recommend her services.”

- Muriel G.

“It is a pleasure to recommend Patricia Campbell’s company, DeClutter Now & Forever, for your home or office needs. Ms. Campbell specializes in the organization of most spaces. Patricia is a responsible and compassionate person about her business and communicates constantly seeking the best results for her clients. Her services are desirable and useful for the health and welfare of a home or business. Please call Patricia when you are not sure or cannot personally remove or declutter items in your home. Remember she is a phone call away from you enjoying your free space."
- Margaret H.

“Ms. Campbell has been an instrumental force in teaching and enforcing the healing principles related to living a clutter free life. She has been a teacher, and provided step by step instructions to follow that has helped me continue the declutter process. When I called upon her for assistance she came prepared and ready to go. Within 3 1/2 hours she helped declutter a bedroom that was packed from front to back with unusable items and worked with me to ultimately maximize that space and turn it into a beautiful bedroom that I absolutely LOVE! I so respect the declutter process and strive to maintain this "FOREVER". Ms. Campbell I couldn't have done this without you! Thank you!”

- Jaye A.

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